Fabrics for sublimation printing

One of our fabrics after printing

One of our fabrics after printing

We offer a wide range of fabric for sublimation printing.

Why choose our fabrics?
  • High-quality fabrics, created with sublimation printing in mind,
  • Favorable prices,
  • All of the materials are available at hand at our prinitng house, which shortens the time of order fulfillment,
  • Possibility to create both short sample series and full production on the same fabric.
Composition of the materials

All of the offered fabrics contain 100% synthetic fibers (including polyester, polyamide and polyurethane), thus are 100% compatible with sublimation technology. Thanks to this we achieve the highest durability and quality of our printouts, our customers - full confidence and reproducibility of production.

Available materials
Name Composition Weight Width
Satin AT1 100% PES 90 g/m² 160 cm
Sport knit fabric SP1 92% PES, 8% EL 270 g/m² 150 cm
Jersey JE1 97% PES, 3% EL 220 g/m² 150 cm
Microfiber MF1 100% PES 85 g/m² 160 cm
Lining fabric PO1 100% PES 50 g/m² 150 cm
Satin SA1 100% PES 190 g/m² 150 cm
Chiffon SZ2 100% PES 85 g/m² 150 cm
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