Crushing and crinkling of fabrics

Selected crushing patterns

Selected crushing patterns

Fabric crushing is similar to pleating, since it also involves the fixation of the pattern on the fabric using heat and / or steam. While in pleating (at least in most patterns) the folds are perfectly parallel and form a coherent whole, in crushing the patterns seem to elude simple lines and harmony, forming a less regular structure. Over the years we have developed several proprietary solutions, that allow us to obtain different effects of crushing and crinkling, depending on customer's project. We offer a wide range of patterns – simple, oblique, partial, flat, spatial. Our production lines enable us to customize the patterns (e.g. the density of pattern or selective crushing) and achieve a high repeatability of designs, despite their 'accidental' character. Depending on the crushing or crinkling pattern we offer services for elements, finished goods or fabric from roll.

Crushing and crinkling of finished products

Since the machines for crushing work on a different principle than the machines for pleating, they are not so sensitive to the thickness of the fabric or differences in its structure. Therefore, we can offer crushing and crinkling services of finished products, which are performed on sewn elements. This process allows for a significant improvement in production efficiency, because the goods processed using this technique are almost ready to be delivered to end customer. In addition, thanks to a technology developed by our company, we can also adjust the crushing/crinkling process to maintain client's dimension for each size during the processing.