Fabric decorating

Example of polyamide film applied to fabric

Example of polyamide film applied to fabric

Using several types of film, and an extensive machine park, we offer you a wide range of decorative services – both in form of small applications cut with plotter, as well as large applications, applied to pre-cut elements of fabric.

Flex/flock film

The application of flex / flock foil is an extension of our embossing services. Using a cutting plotter we recreate desired designs in special type of film (with thickness of 50 microns), after being cut the patterns are fixed with fabric using high pressure and temperature. Experience in working with flat presses allows us to achieve a very high accuracy for these applications, and through the use of materials from renowned manufacturers of adhered films the applications are durable and their colours remain intense. The application of this technology is available both on the polyester materials, as well as cotton or nylon.

Polyamide film

With larger application surfaces film thickness becomes an important aspect. For this type of applications we use polyamide films. Their durability is similar to flex / flock foil, but the foil is much thinner and gives a better feel. In cooperation with our partners, we offer different variants of polyamide films – from single-colour, through various patterns (both variants in metallic finish or matte), and ending with sophisticated designs with partial coating and an additional layer of multicoloured finish.