Transfer printing (roll to roll)

Example of printed fabric

Example of printed fabric

Transfer printing roll to roll. The technology we use allows to achieve very good quality and color reproduction on fabrics (also knitted) made from polyester and similar fabrics. The printing process has two stages:

  1. Printing the design on special paper
  2. Transferring the design from paper to the material under high temperature (210℃)

We print on materials both thin and heavier, we also print on non standard materials (e.g. multilayer). We use Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified inks, guaranteeing the quality of our prints and safe use of colored materials.


As a result of our cooperation with pattern catalogues, we offer a wide range of patterns in line with the latest trends in fashion. Thanks to our own design studio we are also able to modify existing projects, e.g. for better usage of the surface of the printed material, changes in elements or colour variations.