Transfer printing (pre-cut elements)

Transfer printing with design centred

Transfer printing with design centred

Transfer printing on pre-cut elements. Used technology (sublimation) provides very good quality and colour matching on polyester materials and similar fabrics. We use certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 inks, ensuring the printed fabrics are safe for use, even for small children.

Difference between printing on pre-cut elements and roll to roll printing

For many products the right positioning of the design on the element is very important. In elements, where a design is arranged in centre, at the edge or in mirrored designs even a few millimetres offset will be visible in final product. More problems arise from the complexity of some models, where a pattern needs to be matched across different elements or adjusted to sizes. The solution to this issues is printing on pre-cut elements - based on client's designs (or basing on patterns from our catalogue) we can precisely apply the prints to specified position on the element.

Printing on pre-cut elements – additional benefits

We also offer a service, that combines two techniques – first the elements are machine pleated, then printed. As a result only the visible part of pleats is printed leaving the rest of the fabric intact. We can print any design using this technique, not only single-colour fills or gradients, although these are the most popular. This service can be further extended by combining it with laser cutting (done by one of our cooperants) - this enables us to produce laser cut, printed elements with optional adhesive layer, that are can be used as smaller applications.