Hand pleating

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Different variants of sunray pleating

In hand pleating the key to success is creating a pattern (mould), that recreates the required pleating type. In pleating process the fabric is placed between two halves of the mould, the mould is then folded and exposed to high temperature and/or steam. The exact course of this process depends on many factors, such as the type of fabric, the reaction of fabric to temperature, or event the mould shape. Our extensive experience in this field allows us to choose the best parameters and processes in order to achieve the best results.

We run our own design studio for patterns, thanks to which we are able to meet any order, even the most atypical. Aside from popular models of sunray pleating we also offer more sophisticated patterns (both sunray pleats with decorating, flared pleats, geometric patterns, as well as godet pleats), all with possibilities of adjusting to client's requirements for production.

Sunray pleats

Sunray pleats (also called sunburst) is the most popular type of hand pleating, that we offer. Basing on the shape of the pre-cut fabric we can distinguish four basic types of sunray pleats, all illustrated in the picture above. Using different shapes and pleat counts it is possible to achieve many different patterns – the only limit is imagination.

Preparing the fabric

Besides from creating a suitable mould, selecting variant and number of pleats, one more thing is very important in hand pleating – the proper preparation of pre-cut element. For your convenience we provide templates for different variants of sunray pleating. If you would like to start production of sunray based elements in cooperation with our company, please contact us – basing on requirements for specified project we will send our advice and a suitable template for cutting.

Fold crest colouring

In conjunction with our printing department we introduced the possibility of crest colouring for sunray type pleating, allowing to emphasize the beauty of finely pleated fabric.

Simple (flat) pleats

In the case of non-standard materials (e.g. a heavier weight or fabrics that require additional treatment in pleating process) or custom designs (e.g. oversize pleats, progressive pleats) we offer standard pleating patterns, such as flat pleats, box pleats, fancy pleats performed in hand pleating technique.

Fancy pleats

Besides from typical patterns of hand pleating we also offer a wide range of decorative patterns (used in whole or as applications in smaller areas). For some patterns we also offer a gluing fleece layer, that, when bonded with fabric, increases the durability of the design and facilitate the application process. Please visit the patterns tab of this website for some examples of our patterns.